The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.  Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.. ("Psalms 92:12,13")

Mattie M. Holland first held a meeting in the Newburg area in March of 1948.  This was at a time when there where no other churches on Indian Trail.  The area, for most part was undeveloped, woodsy, and sparsely populated. Public transportation was very limited and at that time Pastor Holland and her family lived across the Ohio River in New Albany, Indiana. She nor the other handful of missionaries had their own vehicles.  Yet with great determination and much sacrifice they began to hold services in the homes of some of the area residents.  When weather permitted the would sing, pray and preach out of doors and souls were saved.

In 1950 the saints by faith began a building fund with twenty-five cents. They were soon able to purchase a lot with a little wooden house on it.  With the support of many well-wishers, seven faithful souls set out to build a more suitable building.  They fasted and prayed and they gave.  They allowed the Lord to use them and to lead.  By 1956 they had built, by God’s plan - financed by tithes and offerings, Newburg Apostolic Church.

Mattie Holland preached Jesus to all who would receive her. Her ministry began at a time when women preachers were not widely accepted. She pastored for almost 50 years. Elder Waverly J. Holland was installed as pastor in 1991 and proclaims the same gospel to the now more than 150 members of Newburg Apostolic Church.  The building has undergone a number of additions, much needed because the Lord has continued to honor the faith of those first few believers and continues to send in such as should be saved.

We are thankful for the humble servants, full of faith and highly favored who have come before us and for the vision and foresight of the leadership, for their love and the labor of love and the “One Way” message preached, of whom and by which many have been saved, healed and delivered in this place.  The Lord is still working on the building. He is still working on us! He is still working in us!  He’s still working through us!

...holiness becometh thine house, O Lord, for ever.
                          (Psalms 93:5)

Mattie M. Holland, Founder
1909 - 2001
Excerpt from Sermon

"Look & Live "